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While interior paint is available in a variety of sheens and colors to fit any room’s look, you may find it necessary to add some texture for a truly unique look. 

Freshcoats offers a wide variety of textures for both Interior & Exterior walls.

Since texturing a surface requires attention to detail, consistency, and patience, we have a special team of painters who are highly skilled in carrying out texture work.

We specialise in creating faux finishes by using the following techniques:

  • Combing
  • Rag Rolling
  • Spatula
  • Sponging
  • Wood graining
  • Brushing
  • Krinkle

What makes our Texture painting services stand apart from the rest?

  • Quick, high-quality workmanship from our experienced team.
  • Ensuring proper masking and covering of all areas that are exposed to paint.
  • Wide variety of textures and patterns available.
  • Affordable pricing and budget-friendly rates.
  • Free Colour consultation and shade sampling.

Refer to the FAQ’s below if you have further questions on procedure, paints, customization etc.   

Let’s talk more about your requirements. Get in touch with us!


Texture paints, as the name suggest are not plain finish paints,but have a certain texture (smooth or plain). Texture paint designs are created by using texture paints and tools. One cannot get a textured effect using a regular paint. 

Interior smooth textures are generally meant for interior smooth walls and have a smooth finish to touch, but have a designer finish on walls. They come in various patterns like Spatula, Ragging, Sponging, Combing etc and brands like Royale Play, Berger illusions, Dulux Velvet trends, Impression Ideaz.

For interior textures, All manufacturer’s have a two coat application system. The first coat is a base coat, usually of one colour. This is a plain smooth paint like finish. Over this, a top coat is applied, which is thicker than paint and of a differing colour than base coat. Then using tools and a skilled texture painter, designs and pattern are worked on the top coat to give the desired designer wall finish.

Yes they can. The first textures that were invented were rough in nature and were used indoors on a feature wall for aesthetic purpose. So any exterior texture can be used indoors. Exterior textures are seen inside hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafes and offices.

Dust does not get accumulated on smooth texture finishes like spatula, ragging, sponging and marble finishes. However dust can accumulate on rough textures as they have grooves in their patterns.

You can find samples of the various patterns by visiting our store located in Brahma Majestic; shop no 40, Nibm road. We have catalogues for various kind of texture patterns for you to see and feel.

It is possible. We don’t recommend it though. Since designer finishes are visual and interior smooth textures are created by fusing two colours, it becomes difficult to visualize the pattern in a different colour. We recommend you choose the pattern from the catalogues. We have lots of choices available in the catalogues that we have and we are sure you will like one of them.

For the interior texture, we can change the pattern at the last minute, but we cannot change the colours. Changing the pattern is also dependent on the available tools we have.

With respect to durability both are same. With respect to price, both are nearly the same, with higher grade wallpapers being more expensive than interior designer finish textures. So it comes down to your choice, which pattern of texture or wallpaper you like. Wemust add, that wallpapers are easier to remove and replace than textures.

Prices vary depending on quantum of work and the pattern. We will be happy to do a site visit and then give you a free estimate.

Stencils are cut outs of different patterns and are painted over a painted wall with regular water based emulsion paints. Stencils are simple to paint, usually having one or two colours and usually liven up a wall.

Wall patterns are exactly like stencils but more elaborate and having a theme to follow. It could be a jungle scene or princess’s house theme for a kids room. It involves different colours, more effort and more time. 

Simple stencils will be cheaper than textures. 

Elaborate wall patterns using multiple stencils and colours could be as expensive as or even more expensive than textures. However they are more elaborate and unique than stencils and textures.

Metallic and non metallic texture finish usually means interior smooth texture designer finishes, where the top coat or the base coat could be a metallic emulsion. Metallic emulsion sparkles and come in gold, silver, bronze, copper and certain other selected metallic colors. They give a sparkle and glittery effect to the texture finish. They are available in all patterns of interior textures.

Non metallic textures have the top coat or base coat in normal colours which don’t shine and glitter as much. Non metallic textures will not have gold, silver, copper or bronze glittery feel in them

Yes, they are.


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