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Inspired by various themes around the world, Exterior Texture Painting is a little more special than the plain painting. Texture Painting offers uniqueness and beauty to your walls.

Freshcoats offers a large variety of designs for both Interior and Exterior Surface. Choose the one that best matches your theme.

Based on your Theme and Budget, various kinds of collections like Royale Play Special Effect Paint, Stucco, Antico, Dune, Safari, Infinitex, Archi-Concrete, International Design Collection, Ultima Allura, Exterior Textura Collections etc are available.

Texture Painting System For Exterior Surface:

  • 1 coat of Exterior Primer is recommended before using Texture Paint.
  • Desired Texture Material application to create the design.
  • Desired choice of Paint and Color over the Textured Surface for a beautiful finish.

What will Freshcoats do for you:

  • -Analyze the walls to be painted and provide a comprehensive plan and detailed proposal of how we would approach the work and carry out our job.
  • -Provide you with a free quotation and costing of how much the job would cost.
  • -Before the actual work starts, we mask and cover the entire space so that there are no paint stains in unwanted places.
  • -Ensure that the work gets completed well within the stipulated time without any downtime and delays.
  • -Remove all paint stains that may have accidentally spilled on the floor, window panes, ledges, while painting.

Refer to the FAQ’s below if you have further questions on procedure, paints, customization etc.

Let’s talk more about your requirements. Get in touch with us!


Texture paints, as the name suggest are not plain finish paints,but have a certain texture (smooth or plain). Texture paint designs are created by using texture paints and tools. One cannot get a textured effect using a regular paint. 

Exterior Rough textures are meant to hide plaster imperfections, to form a better weather protective coating and to make the exteriors more aesthetically pleasing. Exterior textures are usually available in Scratch pattern, Dolphur Stone, Brick pattern and roller pattern. There are different brands available too. Asian’s Crosstex, Berger’s Weatehrcoat textures, Jotun’s Profile Décor.

For Exteriors, the Texture paint is in the form of a paste. It is diluted marginally and applied using a trowel or roller directly on the exterior plaster surface. Using a trowel or a roller, various patterns can be achieved, before the texture paint sets. A professional exterior texture painter is recommended for the job. Once the texture dries, (usually an hour) it becomes very hard and cannot be removed. Regular exterior paint coats can be applied to paint the texture in the desired colour.

Dust does not get accumulated on smooth texture finishes like spatula, ragging, sponging and marble finishes. However dust can accumulate on rough textures as they have grooves in their patterns. To avoid the dust, exterior textures are used usually on the outside of the building. Washing the textured surface once in a while will free it from dust.

Some exterior texture patterns are graded in mm or millimeters. It means that the width of the groove in the texture will be of the specified mm. For example, a scratch pattern texture of 2.5 mm will have wider grooves in the pattern than a 1.5 mm pattern. Bigger the mm, bigger the texture pattern seems. The mm on the texture does not denote how thick the texture paint, but how big the groove will be. Bigger, taller buildings adopt a bigger mm texture to make the pattern look visible. Smaller buildings may opt for a smaller mm grade.

You can find samples of the various patterns by visiting our store located in Brahma Majestic; shop no 40, Nibm road. We have catalogues for various kind of texture patterns for you to see and feel.

It is possible. We don’t recommend it though. Since designer finishes are visual and interior smooth textures are created by fusing two colours, it becomes difficult to visualize the pattern in a different colour. We recommend you choose the pattern from the catalogues. We have lots of choices available in the catalogues that we have and we are sure you will like one of them.

For exterior surfaces it is not possible, as the texture hardens and is extremely difficult to remove. 

Prices vary depending on quantum of work and the pattern. We will be happy to do a site visit and then give you a free estimate.

No it wont. Exterior texture may be durable and hard, but it is not a substitute for exterior paint. It enhances the exterior protection by not allowing exterior cracks to develop quickly and in greater numbers as they would to an exterior wall. Two coats of paint are recommended on texture.A good exterior paint will bind the texture better, smoothen the finish and will be able to prevent seepages from rains or during washing of the walls.

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